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Sunday, 21 April 2013

New: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

This is one of those products that really works but I'm still not particularly keen on it. I picked up the shade Celestial thinking it was one of the more subtle of the 8 colours available and expected it to look like a richly pigmented gloss but it actually goes on like paint. Not necessarily a bad thing but I just wanted to mention it so you know what to expect if you haven't tried these yet! 

It's intense, almost opaque on the lips and a tiny amount is enough to give complete coverage. Kinda seems like a blend of lipstick, gloss and stain as it's very pigmented, glossy and leaves a hint of colour on the lips even when the shiny finish has worn off

This is definitely not the kind of product that you can apply on the go as the colour is so strong the slightest mistake is really obvious. Probably not a good choice if you aren't great at colouring inside the lines! Thankfully the wand is well designed and tapers to a relatively fine point which makes it easier to get a precise, neat finish. And it sorta rules how you can use one this little product but look like you've spent an age lining your lips then applying a separate lipstick and gloss.

Unlike a lot of stains this transfers really easily - a combination of long hair and wind left me with some pink smears on my chin, not the most attractive makeup look I've come up with :)

The smell is pretty unpleasant and makes me think of chemicals and plastic but thankfully it doesn’t last long once this has been applied (either that or I just get used to it and don't notice after a while)

As someone who considers a simple lip liner and lipstick fairly high maintenance I can't see me wearing this often - I'll probably start an evening out wearing it but as soon as it's worn off I'll be too lazy to reapply and will revert back to good old lip butters or a Natural Collection lip gloss but if you're somone who likes to make a feature of your lips and are happy to reapply then this is pretty much guaranteed to get a few compliments

Other stuff :

Shades available : 8
Price : On offer in Boots for £4.99 but normal price is £5.99
Would I buy it again? : Nope, doubt I'll ever finish the tube I have


Salihah M said...

This was really helpful. I love the shade but agree with some of your points as I, too have this product!
Follow me and I'll follow back<3xo

Pretty Wonderful said...

I couldn't agree more with you on this post! I have the same shade (and the only one I got, just to try and see what all the fuss was about too) and I thought I was the only one who wasn't too keen! Yes, it's a fab, highly pigmented product, but I'm the same in the way that I may wear it once every now and then, but once it's off, I cba to reapply. xx

Tina Malhotra said...

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