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Monday, 1 September 2014

10 days of MUA – Day 2 – Super pale foundation

OK so I’ve given this a lot of serious thought and I think we need to just go ahead and cancel Mondays. I mean what are they for? As far as I can tell they’re really just a form of extended torture that drag on and on. And on. Not to mention the fact that everything goes wrong on Mondays. If we use today as an example everything basically covers my jeans not buttoning (definitely need to cut down on the chocolate) dropping an open jar of coffee on the kitchen floor and my dog Bernard rolling in, ahem, something in the park which resulted in an unscheduled time-consuming and revoltingly smelly bath

In the spirit of not dwelling on things let’s forget about what a rubbish day this has been and discuss some makeup instead :)
You ever buy a product and find it does pretty much the exact opposite of what it says on the tin? Well this is one of those. On their website MUA say this “offers a medium to full coverage and is suitable for any skin type. It gives your skin an even-toned glow and visibly gives a soft healthy radiant finish, the formula contains light-diffusing particles leaving your skin feeling refreshed and luminous all day.”

Now with a description like that I was expecting a thick textured creamy foundation with a hint of shimmer or glitter that would give a high coverage dewy sorta finish, so I was a bit surprised to find this is a really fluid foundation that gives a light to medium coverage and is completely matte. So matte in fact that I can’t use it when my skin is dry as it tends to cling to dry patches and look a bit claggy and unpleasant.

This foundation only comes in 3 shades but what really impressed me was just how light the porcelain version is. As someone with milk bottle white skin it can be really hard to get shades pale enough but as you can see from the swatch of this next to the extremely light Dior Forever (shade 010) its super light
Left: MUA Undress Your Skin in Porcelain. Right: Dior Forever in 010
Because the texture of this is so fine and fluid it blends easily and looks very even on the skin (apart from those pesky dry patches!) and I’ve found it lasts well too; I don’t need to worry about my t zone looking like an oil slick after a few hours. If you happen to have normal to oily skin and have been on the lookout for a cheap light to medium coverage foundation this could be just the ticket, not least of all cos the £5 price tag is very reasonable and the tube is handy for squeezing out just the right amount – not always easy with a pump or standard bottle that you have to pour from


Kezzie said...

Ha, I know what you mean- I felt like that about Fridays last year- I hated Fridays, so so busy!!! Oooh, wanted to say thanks for the kind comments you left me, so lovely to meet you!!x

All Made Up said...

But Fridays are the second best day of the week! and no probs at all, your blog kept me entertained for a good half hour when I was s'posed to be getting an early night :)

Inga Derrick said...

Do you think this foundation would be good for acne prone skin? x

All Made Up said...

Inga I have acne prone skin (chin and jawline mostly) and this doesn't aggravate it at all but due to the matte finish it clings to any dry patches so if I've squeezed my spots (I just can't help myself!!) and have little dry areas or scabs this will cling to them. Oh and it's not full coverage so I generally have to use a concealer on any blemishes :)