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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hands down the best concealer ever

My skin is being particularly mean at the minute; no matter how well I treat it it insists on plaguing me with pimples, dark circles and dry patches. Whilst I was getting ready this morning I reached for my Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer to help banish the first two and realised it’s one of the products that I’ve used consistently for the longest time

About 8 years ago I was browsing an Estee Lauder makeup counter and the assistant (Sales advisor? Beauty consultant?... I have no idea what they’re actually called) asked if she could do my makeup. She was full of brilliant advice on what makeup I should be using and the best ways to apply it and the end result so was fantastic I bought almost everything she used, which happened to include this concealer and I’ve had a tube in my collection ever since
Swatch of the lightest shade - Light 01
There are 8 shades available from light to extra deep and I’ve always used the lightest shade. The thing I like best is how it manages to cover well but isn’t dry or cakey like most medium-full coverage products

I can use it under my eyes without worrying about it gathering in the fine lines, though for me the under eye area is more problematic in terms of darkness and discolouration as opposed to serious lines so I can’t really say the same for someone who might be battling a lot of wrinkles in the same place
Blended out so it covers but still looks like skin
Thanks to the great pigmentation I can also use this to cover blemishes as a small dab of it hides the redness easily and the texture is still skin-like so I don’t have those horrid cakey lumps that I get with other concealers

The doe foot applicator makes this easy to apply and the 7ml tube lasts me months even though I use it almost every day. At £21.50 it’s not cheap but for someone like me with acne prone skin and a terrible sleeping pattern (hence the dark circles!) I’m happy to splurge on it because I know it always does the trick :)


Stephanie Clark said...

Totally agree! I used to work at an Estee Lauder counter and was so amazed when I first tried this.

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Wow, sounds really amazing, would love to try it out. I'm currently using Revlon PhotoReady concealer and love it but I think it's quite thick for under eye area. So I use Milani concealer for this area and happy with it. Thanks honey <3 I'm following you now <3

Kezzie said...

Oooh, I'm interested!!! Your skin sounds like mine (oh those accursed dark circles!!!! Why are they SO dark????) Tempted to try it when my current tubes of Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat run out. Have you used that at all? If so, how does it compare? Concealer has always been the one make-up item I also splurge on. X

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Have a great weekend my dear, Kisses <3

All Made Up said...

Steph: I'm kinda jealous cos I'd love to work at a makeup counter but I'd probably spend most of my wages in work! :)

Rakhshanda Rizvi: I really like the Revlon PhotoReady concealer too, it's one of the few stick concealers that I actually use. We don't get Milani in the UK :(

Kezzie: I know right?!? If it's not dark circles it's spots so there's always something! I really like the Touche Eclat - the Estee Lauder is thicker and gives more coverage but doesn't have that nice brightening effect that you get from the YSL one ♥

Natasha Hill said...

Wow, the overall finish looks amazing - it's so natural. I suffer with dry skin myself, so I know how horrible that can be. Lately I've started using some Aveeno moisturiser on dry patches and that seems to be helping me. - Tasha xxx

All Made Up said...

Tasha it's so odd that you mention that cos my sister gave my a tube of Aveeno moisturiser a while back and it's brilliant! And I'm sure it'll be worth it's weight in gold over the winter months :)